My Free Circus
  • My Free Circus – The Sensational 3D Circus

    Become a ringmaster today and master multitudinous challenges to do! The vibrant browser game My Free Circus allows you to create your own 3D circus grounds. Manage day to day life, take care of provisions, train performers and be a creative visionary. Your goal is to entertain your audience with an unparalleled spectacle. After all such a show is quickly the talk of the town and will bring in hordes of new visitors. One particularly powerful audience magnet is the presence of a wide variety of circus animals. In My Free Circus, you'll amass a stock of adorable and impressive animals – the further you progress, the more exotic the animals you'll have access to. You'll start off with classics such as ponies and llamas – find out which other animals await you in My Free Circus below!
  • Adorable Animals in your Zoo

    Your first animal in My Free Circus is a noble circus pony that proudly rears up in its pen, full of anticipation for its first performance. You'll train the pony and prepare it for its first steps into the ring. Prove your skill as a trainer, acquire a wide variety of animals, and enchant your audiences with a spectacular, never-before-seen show. The majestic giraffe, mischievous monkey and mighty horse are only some of the countless animals you can use in your shows. Build pens, buy more exotic circus animals and take care of them on your circus grounds. Plan an unforgettable show by assembling unique combinations of animal and human performers for a circus experience that will keep your audiences talking for days! My Free Circus is chock-full of delightful 3D circus animals. Why not go have a look?
  • The Big Cats of My Free Circus

    They're not just popular for magic tricks – big cats have always had a very special attraction on audiences. Present your crowds with the majestic 3D circus cats they want to see in the browser game My Free Circus. Show off awe-inspiring favorites such as the breathtaking white tiger with its beautiful coat of coal-black and snow-white fur. Stun your audiences with the fearsome roars of your well-trained lions – a highlight in every show. Guided by a fearless tamer, these cool cats will jump through flaming hoops, strike stunning poses and perform fantastic tricks that will wow your audience. Check out all the amazing animals you can add to your show for that special something! Provide your animals with high-quality food and take good care of them, so that they'll be their very best in the ring!
  • A Circus full of Animal Antics

    In the 3D circus browser game My Free Circus, you'll slip into the roll of a ringmaster. Not far from a small town, you'll settle down in an abandoned green meadow and create your own thriving circus settlement. Sheltered by your magnificent red-and-yellow big top, you'll put on spectacular shows. Hire talented performers, buy beautiful animals, tend to them and train them. My Free Circus packs all the excitement of the big top into a thrilling 3D circus browser game. Camels, bears, ponies, giraffes, white tigers – the selection of animals you'll be able to show your audiences over the course of the game is truly impressive. Take your visitors on a world trip through the world of animals – from the sandy dunes of the Orient with its stoic camels to the wild bears of the Russian tundra. Experience the My Free Circus browser game!
  • Non-Stop Excitement in My Free Circus

    Discover a fascinating world full of emotions: Suspense, amusement, astonishment and wonder will rip through your audience like tidal waves. A pinnacle of 3D browser games, My Free Circus has unique circus game challenges like nothing you've seen before. Take your audience on a roller coaster of emotions as you send death-defying fire eaters and knife-throwers into the ring to show their stuff as lions roar and tigers just through flaming hoops in the background. Tickle your crowds' funny bones with hilarious clown antics and win their hearts with charming ponies and clever monkeys. Be it zebras, tigers, elephants or dolphins – circus-goers great and small love animals. A continuously growing cast and your exhaustive management efforts are sure to guarantee that your circus is a success story without equal. Establish your circus, increase your revenue and create a truly magical 3D circus. Let's go!
  • Make a Splash in My Free Circus

    They're intelligent, friendly and quite cheeky – dolphins are a real magnet for audiences in the 3D circus browser game My Free Circus. Especially in the summer, the dolphin show is a refreshing attraction. The dolphins perform elaborate jumps and twirls and spray fountains of water into the crowds of fascinated onlookers. As the ringmaster, you can determine which animals to keep and use in your shows. As you level up, you'll be able to enchant your visitors with an unbelievable selection of animals including elephants, dolphins, zebras, tigers and much more! Prepare to be enchanted by the browser game My Free Circus!

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