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  • My Free Circus – Top-Notch Clown Game Entertainment

    Their goal is to get people to laugh – be it with a red nose, slap stick comedy or hilarious antics. In My Free Circus, the clowns are an important part of your ensemble and provide comedy relief in the ring. You can pair them up with the craziest combination of other performers and exotic animals to exhilarate your audiences with sensational shows. Prove your skill as a ringmaster and keep your humble circus settlement on its toes. My Free Circus offers a captivating combination of tycoon game and circus browser game. Make use of unique clown game features to provide for your animals and performers such as jugglers, magicians, fire eaters and more. Cook culinary delicacies for your visitors and attract constant streams of enraptured customers. Explore the wonderful world of My Free Circus!
  • Fire, Whips, Knives

    Suspense, humor and tons of surprises – all that awaits you in the browser game My Free Circus. Become a ringmaster today and create your own ensemble of talented performers. Over the course of the game you'll be able to hire and train countless different performers to appear in your big top. Astonish audiences with unbelievable magic tricks, create nail-biting suspense of daring displays of fire, whips and knives, and amaze your crowds with the death-defying feats of your tamers, fire eaters and knife-throwers. Use clown game features to make your audiences laugh until they cry or enchant them with the action-packed dolphin show. Plant crops and harvest them to prepare delightful meals for your hard-working crew and organize the chaotic day-to-day life at the circus. Play now for free on your computer or on the go on a smartphone or tablet!
  • My Free Circus – Magical Fun

    The sight is unforgettable. The stands are packed and excited circus goers jostle for a better view. The suspense in the air is tangible as the audience waits for the show to begin. In the browser game My Free Circus, you'll establish your own circus and take care of all the important details. Beginning with the selection of the performers – from fire eaters over tamers to tightrope walkers – and the animals for the show – with bears, llamas, dolphins, horses and more – all the way to the farming of crops and the processing of the harvest, you're in charge of it all! My Free Circus has loads of exciting customization options, as can be expected in a good clown game. This unique blend of tycoon and strategy game elements will keep you entertained! Check out this unique game now! My Free Circus can be played as an app for iOS and Android devices, but also as a browser game on desktops and laptops.
  • The Circus Adventure Begins

    Embark on your career as a virtual ringmaster today! Just register at and start playing right away. All you need to get started is an e-mail address and a working internet connection – no downloads necessary. My Free Circus can be played right in your browser, with no need for a Flash or Unity plug-in. Brimming with fun circus game opportunities, My Free Circus will captivate you as you establish your own circus, arrange shows, train animals and performers and increase your revenue to expand your enterprise. Plant trees, cultivate crops and cook mouthwatering meals. Try it out now! Join the fun and experience the unparalleled variety of My Free Circus!
  • My Free Circus – A Very Special Clown Game

    Welcome to My Free Circus! Experience an extraordinary game setting and explore the enchanting world of the circus. Coordinate your own ensemble of performers, keep animals and explore the numerous customization options of My Free Circus. Bamberg game developer upjers' game is a captivating blend of clown game features and strategy game components. Make important decisions and prove your skill as a ringmaster. As you progress in the game, your circus will be able to take on clowns, magicians, tamers, fire-eaters, knife-throwers and tightrope walkers. The selection of animals will also expand to include grumpy bears, cheeky llamas and majestic white tigers – you decide which animals to present to your captive audience. Give it a try into slip into the role of a circus ringmaster today! Play for free!
  • Discover the Colorful World of the Circus

    Curtain up, drum roll please! It's time for the show to begin! Experience the vibrant circus game My Free Circus as a cross-platform game. Become a virtual ringmaster and carefully shape an abandoned field into thriving circus grounds – you can switch freely between an app and a browser game version with a single account. Play on your computer at home, or tend to your circus on the go on a smartphone or tablet. Discover unique clown game elements and many other one-of-a-kind features to turn your circus into a prime destination for the nearby townsfolk. Your first circus animals and performers are already waiting for you!

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