My Free Circus
  • My Free Circus – A Vibrant Circus Simulation

    No trip to the circus is complete without enjoying some tasty circus treats. It's no different in the the browser game My Free Circus, where you slip into the role of the ringmaster and take care of all the needs and wants around the circus. And of course, this includes organizing various production facilities and amenities for circus goers. These allow you to turn fresh produce and other raw materials into tasty treats, which can be stored, and more importantly, sold to your enthusiastic visitors. As you level up, you'll discover more and more ways to process your goods – and food is only a small part of it. There are plenty of exciting tasks all around the circus. Now you can discover the successful app My Free Circus as a browser game. No download necessary! Flash and Unity plug-ins are also not required. Just log in at and start playing this extraordinary circus simulation right away! Join now!
  • Funny Clowns and Impressive Fire-Eaters

    Let the show begin! Work your way up to the (big) top as a ringmaster in the captivating circus simulation. Begin with a humble plot of land and establish your own circus grounds. Grow your own crops, including various fruits and vegetables, harvest them, and cook them into delicious delicacies. Use various booths and sales stalls to pamper your guests with culinary delights. Make good use of your feed mixers, kitchen, candy and backing wagons to prepare meals for everyone and sell tasty circus treats to your guests at the snack shack and candy shop. The further you progress in the game, the more opportunities you'll find at your disposal to enhance the circus experience! Delight circus goers with toys, treats and souvenirs, and give them something to look at! After all, the more impressive your circus is, the more money you'll make in this circus simulation - which will let you expand your circus even more!
  • Amaze your Audiences

    The bright spotlight comes to rest in the middle of the ring. All at once, silence takes over the magnificent circus tent. Gasps escape the crowds as a confident red-haired woman steps into the light. Clothed in blue pants and a finely patterned pink blouse, she cuts a stylish figure as she whips out two razor-sharp knives. The audience can't take their eyes off her. It's time for the knife-throwing to begin! As a ringmaster in My Free Circus, you'll set the scene for performances like this and much, much more as you establish your own circus. It's your job to not only arrange breathtaking shows with knife-throwers, fire-eaters and tightrope walkers, but also provide amenities for your visitors, supply your performers with equipment and keep plenty of souvenirs and snacks on hand for your circus goes. Come check out the enchanting circus simulation My Free Circus.
  • Natural Products for your My Free Circus

    The little rabbit looks at you with big puppy dog eyes – the little critter is hungry. Luckily you've just harvested some wonderfully juicy carrots in your fields, so you can feed the cute guy and prepare it for the next magic show, where it's due to perform as a talented animal assistant. In this one-of-a-kind circus simulation, you'll create your own circus. Hire performers, keep animals, and keep everyone supplied with homegrown crops – all the cereals, fruits and vegetables a heart could desire. Of course, you can also cook, bake and process your crops into mouthwatering meals. Be it carrots or corn, depending on your level, you'll be able to cultivate all sorts of crops. Try it out now and discover the fascinating and vibrant world of the circus simulation My Free Circus as you tend to your fields, animals and attractions.
  • A Profitable My Free Circus

    It's a dream come true! You can now finally realize this fantasy and run your very own circus in the magical circus simulation My Free Circus. Here, you can plan delightful shows for your audiences, keep and care for exotic animals and create an all-round successful circus. Tall giraffes, fearsome tigers or sassy zebras – a host of charismatic animals and customization options awaits you as you manage your very own circus. After all – you're responsible for everything from the shows to the catering. Provide for your ever-growing ensemble by growing wheat and tomatoes to make ketchup and other products. The popular circus app My Free Circus is now also available as a browser game. Discover a wonderful situation full of original ideas. Play free now and join the fun!
  • Become a Ringmaster

    Your audience comes from far and wide to see the spectacular shows you put on in your circus. Hire performers, care for animals, train them and plan all sorts of magnificent shows. Decorate your circus grounds and plant various trees, including apple, cocoa, hazelnut and rubber trees. Bring in your harvest and transform your fresh produce into very special products for performers and visitors alike. My Free Circus guarantees long-lasting browser game simulation fun. Become a circus director today! You can find out more about the game's features here:

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